Phantastic Phids

and where to find them: pet jumping spiders for sale

Phantastic Phids specializes in selectively bred, captive bred pet jumping spiders.  We sell a variety of Phidippus species jumping spiders.  These spiders have been selectively bred for specific color and markings.  You can see the color varieties we're working on here.  Because we are especially invested in our spiders' well-being, we want to send them to homes that will do the best to provide proper care and seek guidance if there are problems.  It also helps direct our color projects to follow the juveniles to adulthood to see what their final colors are. 


As such, we are implementing an informational application process.  You can fill out an application here.  After your application has been received, you will be added to the site's membership to view our shop page.  It will also help us keep track of applicants if you e-mail us that you have applied and/or join our Facebook group.


Shipping is always through FedEx 2-day for $29 flat rate which includes an insulated box and heat or ice packs if needed.  Read more about our shipping policies here.

Phidippus regius Regal Jumping Spiders females and males for sale

  • Orange/Red females

  • Tan/Cream/Peach females

  • Light/Grey/White & black females

  • Black and white males

Juveniles - $15 - $18

Sub-adults and young adults $18 - $25

Phidippus otiosus Canopy Jumping Spiders females and males for sale

  • Light/White females

  • Light orange females

  • Black and white males

  • Black and orange males

Juveniles - $15 - $18

Sub-adults and young adults $18 - $25

Phidippus regius - otiosus hybrids females and males for sale

  • Females are a range of colors, from shades of white, tan, pink/rose gold, cream, red, brown with dark/black markings and a whiter face

  • Males are a range of colors from tints of red on the abdomen with white to black and white with, or without white carapace bands on the head

Juveniles - $15 - $18

Sub-adults and young adults $18 - $25

process for buying a jumping spider

Phantastic Phids is a one person hobby run out of an 8ft by 8ft spider "room".  Please be patient!  Applications take about 7-10 days for approval.  Unfortunately the site does not send acceptance e-mails.  Please check membership approval by signing in after 7-10 days.  If the steps are not followed, further instructions will be sent, and delays may happen.


1) ​Fill out an application here.


2) Sign-up for site membership here.



3) Let me know you've filled out the forms

















4) (Not required) Join the Facebook group if you have Facebook and you wish to.  Please answer the request questions.



5) Allow 7-10 days for approval of your application.  Once added to site membership, you can access the shop page.

Thanks for submitting!