Color Varieties "Morphs" and "Phases" of Different Jumping Spider Species

A lot of people use words such as "phase" to describe a jumping spider's color variety. For example, "orange phase regius" is used to describe orange variety Phidippus regius Regal Jumping Spiders. I prefer the word "variety", as neither "phase" nor "morphs" are really accurate. Keep in mind that all male P. regius are black and white. Some may don white carapace bands, or white markings of different shapes on their abdomen, but you would not be able to tell what variety of coloring the male would produce just by looking at himself.

My current color variety projects are:

Phidippus regius

  • Light orange

  • Red/dark orange

  • Light cream/grey

  • Cream/tan

  • Black and white/grey

  • Carapace banded males

  • Chevron/irregular shaped abdominal band

Phidippus otiosus

  • Light/white

  • Light orange

Phidippus regius-otiosus hybrids

The hybrids have a ton of variety within each clutch. I'm actually not sure what direction I want to go with a lot of them yet, but some interesting varieties have emerged that I know I want to pursue further.

  • Light/pink

  • Carapace banded males


Other species I work with may not have color varieties, but are just as loved! Again, the hybrids are also quite unpredictable in what they throw.

Jumping Spider Color Varieties and Species

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