HF1 pictured is available.  She is about pre-subadult and has about 2 more molts before maturity).  She is eating house flies and small (2-3wk) crickets.  They do prefer flies.


Please have food ready for them.  You can purchase fly pupae from Mantisplace and crickets from Fluker's, or ask for xs crickets from your pet store.





Safe temperatures for shipping to your door: 40F-80F on the day of delivery.


HOLD FOR PICKUP (not available during covid-19 crisis)

When temperatures fall into the ranges between 36F-40F and 80F-88F on your day of delivery, select hold for pick-up to ensure live arrival guarantee is applied to your order. Hold for pick-up entails you picking up your package at your nearest FedEx hub (not a ship center). I will e-mail you with pick-up address, or if you want to request one, go to https://www.fedex.com/locate/ and filter locations near you for "dangerous goods shipping" . (Stock photo is a general idea of what the spider will look like upon maturity, not the same spider or necesarily what they currently look like now.)


Shipping Policy


All jumping spiders are shipped via FedEx 2-Day through ShipYourReptile only, with insulated box and heat pack/ice pack as weather determines. I only ship on Mondays, in case there is an issue, I can contact customer service and find your precious package without too much delay or having them stuck somewhere through the weekend.


I URGE customers NOT to ship when temperature lows fall below 36F and when temperature highs hit over 88F on day of delivery. If customer still chooses to purchase, it will void the live arrival guarantee, even if held for pick-up.​



Safe temperatures for shipping to your door: 40F-80F on the day of delivery.​



If your spider is dead on arrival when shipped within the safe temperatures to your door and for hold for pick-up, I can replace at cost of shipping or refund cost of spider if you send me proof within one hour of delivery time (as shown on tracking). If your spider arrives late, I will refund your shipping cost, minus packaging-associated costs (usually around $6). **Actual shipping labels may differ in cost from the flat rate option the site's features are limited to, in the case there is a larger discrepancy than the additional for supplies and overhead I charge, I will include a spider that's larger (greater in value) or extra spiders OR upgrade shipping to overnight shipping. I do try to include an extra, as availability allows in case of DOAs (which is very rare to begin with).**

Phidippus regius-otiosus hybrid juvenile girl